Getting the Biggest Bang for your Buck on Video

Getting Started with Video: Part 4 of 4

Where do you embed the video once it’s done? Do you upload it directly to social media? Once you have your video complete, you have a variety of opportunities. Marketing with video can also mean taking a big video and splitting it into smaller segments. Ultimately, how can you get the most mileage from your videos?

Signalfire’s Matthew Olson sits down with Stephen Pickering of Drywater Productions, a video production studio that specializes in small business and non-profit video storytelling.

Matthew and Stephen continue to discuss what to do once your video is complete. What’s the best way to use your video social media? What’s the difference between the platforms?

Both also discuss when DIY video is useful, but there is a time and place to call in a professional video team. When is a professional video important and what difference can it make in perception?

Finally, the two talk about how a single video that is ideal in one situation can be broken into multiple small videos for other applications.

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