DIY SEO – Google Lighthouse and Measuring Core Vitals

Doing a Quick SEO Check Has Never Been Easier

Did you know you can monitor how Google evaluates your website with a simple Chrome Extension?

It’s called Google Lighthouse and it really does shed light on how Google “sees” your website.

Google has been using some different metrics to evaluate your website since February 2022. These metrics are called “core vitals” and have made a major impact on your Google rankings.

Core vitals have less to do with your page content and more to do with how well your website was built. It’s called page experience and it focuses on:

  • Loading speed on mobile device
  • Design compatibility with mobile devices
  • Site security or authentication with an SSL—think HTTPS or the “lock” symbol in your browser
  • Easy access to your site’s content without interruptions like pop-ups or ads

Content still plays a significant role with your website’s performance, but the days of packing keywords into a sea of website text are done.

Google Lighthouse is a free tool that grades your website’s Core Vitals performance on a 0-100 scale with some nice color coding to help. Think of it like a high school exam.

  • If you’re over 90—that’s great!
  • Between 50 and 90—might be worth reviewing with your web developer
  • Under 50—you really need to talk with your website provider

Lighthouse gives you a wealth of feedback on how to make improvements, too. In true Google fashion, the details are pretty technical. But by coordinating with your web developer, you’ll be able to make performance improvements.

If you’d like additional details on Lighthouse:

Is Lighthouse the end-all and be-all of SEO? No! Content creation is still crucial, but Lighthouse does give you a leg up.