Delavan Lake Boat Shed Launches New Website

Delavan Lake Boat Shed Launches New Website

Delavan Lake Boat Shed, a wooden and classic boat repair and restoration company, has launched a new mobile responsive website showcasing their specialized craft. The website features extensive imagery of their craftsmanship and finished products ranging from classic wooden Kingfisher kayaks to Chris Craft pleasure boats from the 1920’s. To develop the website, Delavan Lake Boat Shed turned to Signalfire, an award-winning agency also based in Delavan.

“Delavan Lake Boat Shed needed a website that could show the attention to detail and the craftsmanship that goes into every project,” says Jaime Jarosz, owner of Delavan Lake Boat Shed. “Also important was the ability to feature past projects as well as sell them for select clients.”

New mobile responsive website on tablet“Building a website that showcased such incredible boats was just the start,” says Signalfire’s President Matthew Olson. “The website also had to be easy to manage, be easy to navigate, and look great on mobile devices.”

“We developed the website with a lot of tools that make editing the content, the images, and the boats for sale both fast and easy,” says Sarah Lobdell, Signalfire’s Project Manager. “By using a content management system, we were able to create a way to manage the different components without Delavan Lake Boat Shed needing any programming experience.”

Some of the key features to the website include:

  • A mobile responsive design that adjusts the layout based on the phone, tablet, or desktop size
  • Using WordPress, a user-friendly content management system, to allow for easy updates to text and pictures
  • An extensive photo gallery that is easily updated by Delavan Lake Boat Shed’s team
  • Online “for sale” listings for boats or other watercraft—each featuring multiple photos and other details
  • A news and blog section sharing which industry events Delavan Lake Boat Shed will be attending and useful tips for buying or restoring a classic or antique wood boat

Dynamic for sale listings for antique boats“We’re very excited to have this website working for us,” says Jarosz. “This will help Delavan Lake Boat Shed become better known for the work we do and the quality we deliver.”

“With launched, we’re excited to complete the website of their sister company—J’s Antique Cars,” says Lobdell.

Signalfire is an award-winning creative design agency based in Delavan, Wisconsin. Their team specializes in branding and logo design, graphic design, website design, email marketing, social media management, and web content writing. With clients in industries ranging from tourism to manufacturing, Signalfire’s team can develop a successful marketing solution for your business or organization. To request a meeting or proposal, call (262) 725-4500 or visit them online at

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