Much More Than A Website: Signalfire Manages Brand of Environmental and Building Renovation Services Company

Balestrieri Group, Elkhorn, Wisconsin

graphic design, printing, print management Balestrieri Environmental & Development, Inc. provides environmental and building renovation services for the commercial and industrial markets throughout the Midwest. Formed in 1992, the firm quickly established themselves as a high quality provider. However, establishing a well-defined brand in their crowded, low-barrier industry wasn’t as easy. They knew they had a great story to tell, but were struggling to do it on their own. To make matters worse, the web development firm they hired in 2012 to re-do their outdated HTML website couldn’t deliver. That’s when Signalfire, a hybrid digital branding and web development agency, arrived on the scene.

“The first thing we did was listen,” recalled Matthew Olson, president of Signalfire. “Previous agencies didn’t take time to dig deep and understand the client’s culture, core brand identity, and what we call “true-north goals.” Our process is to work closely with the client to help them articulate who and where they are in the market space and what success means to them.”

The Challenges

Balestrieri faced a common problem—in addition to defining their own brand and message, they had to find a way to overcome myths and misperceptions in their industry in order to demonstrate their value to potential clients.

  • The environmental services industry was highly fragmented, with competitors of all sizes, capabilities, and experience. There was still a lingering perception in the marketplace that the environmental hazards were not a true risk to human health and safety and just a “necessary regulatory evil.” Clients, caught against a backdrop of confusing information and increasing regulations, often chose the lowest-cost provider out of ignorance.
  • Balestrieri desperately needed a marketing agency that could translate their core brand values into consistent messaging across multiple platforms and resonate to a diverse audience.  

What Signalfire Accomplished

Step One: Create a brand with defined values that matter to Balestrieri’s entire interest community.

The environmental services industry has many stakeholders—legislators, government officials, regulators, inspectors, consultants, developers, and clients in diverse industries, all with specific needs and wants. We helped them “bring the pieces together” to create a powerful and consistent message to showcase their unique attributes and why they were the company of choice.

Balestrieri Website Homepage

Step Two: Design and build a powerful content managed website platform to serve as the dynamic cornerstone of Balestrieri’s marketing.

Signalfire worked closely with Balestrieri to ensure that the website design, architecture, and user experience would meet their needs for years to come and effectively highlight what sets them apart in the industry. The site had to:

  • Demonstrate the company’s four main service areas through content and photos
  • Showcase the company mission, values, and industry alliances and expertise
  • Feature the entire Balestrieri team, from operations to project management, with unique bios, photos, and stories
  • Provide an extensive and growing resource and news center for the entire industry
  • Be a platform for successful case studies and dozens of ongoing client testimonials
  • Link to a successful Google AdWords program in addition to a regular email newsletter campaign

Step Three: Expand Balestrieri’s reach with print advertising, trade show materials, and highly effective promotional giveaways to their customers and industry partners.

An integrated marketing program that takes advantage of the digital and analog characteristics of the environmental services industry helps Balestrieri further their sales and marketing reach, and cement their reputation as a market leader across all industry segments. Services utilized include graphic design, content writing, email newsletters, and social media consulting.

Balestrieri Case StudyHow Signalfire Helped

The impact of Signalfire’s services were felt in a variety ways, but the key performance indicators told just how impactful the new efforts were:

  • Increased website traffic 48% in 2013
  • Inbound lead generation up 16%

Cindy Balestrieri, vice president, commented,

The website has exceeded our expectations in every regard. When we came to Signalfire, we had already been burned twice from previous agencies that couldn’t deliver what they promised. Signalfire really listened to our goals and showed us all the ways that our website can help us grow our business. We launched our site just under a year ago. It has dramatically improved our visibility and voice in the industry! All in all, our website is 24/7 broadcast tower that gives us the brand voice and consistency that we were lacking before we teamed up with Signalfire.”

Ken Balestrieri, president of the company, continues,

The Google AdWords campaign continues to generate leads and we can track exactly where visitors go on the website to make sure we’re creating compelling content that pulls them in and gives them what they want. We’re building an impressive assortment of project case studies that demonstrate our wide range of service capabilities, and they have really helped us land new projects. What I didn’t expect was how many people read our Team bios! The bios are an important tool that helps potential clients decide what firm to hire for their next project.”

What’s Next for Signalfire and Balestrieri?

“We have several exciting projects that are in the works,” cites Sarah Lobdell, the lead project manager for Balestrieri. “Initiatives for 2014 include a trade show training program to reinforce the brand messaging at all trade show and industry events, developing a formalized content marketing strategy, and a possible video highlighting Balestrieri’s industry-leading approach to asbestos remediation on an upcoming project.”

Signalfire’s ability to serve as a full service digital agency is wonderfully demonstrated by the close relationship with Balestrieri. Does your business or organization need direct, personal attention combined with a deep understanding of your marketing goals? Do you need to discover a “big idea” to take it to the next level? Signalfire would love the change to learn more about your needs and how we can do so much more than simply build you a website. Contact Signalfire today and tell them you want the same results as the Balestrieri’s!

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