You’re Making A Business Social Media Mistake and It’s Costing You Dearly


Every. Single. Day. We see a social media mistake every single day that is costing businesses and organizations Likes, Followers, or most any other metric associated with social media performance. We see this mistake on business cards. We see this mistake on billboards, on television commercials, and even in email signatures. This mistake is simple to correct, but so obvious that most overlook it or don’t even notice it. The mistake is the social media icons themselves.

The easily recognizable social media icons are appearing everywhere. The boxy icons appear on posters, stationery, and plenty of places where it can inform your community that your business or organization is on social media. You’ve got a Facebook business page full of chatty community members. Your Twitter account is sharing useful links and dialog with others. You participate in active discussions on LinkedIn and even get leads from different forums. Maybe you’ve even carved out a great hashtag on Instagram. You’re feeling great to see those icons in your marketing—except for one problem. Where do they find you on social media?

social media distractionsLeaving the icons floating in your ad or in the bottom corner of your business cards doesn’t help people find you on Facebook or Twitter. While your icons are promoting the use of Facebook, Twitter, etc. it is doing nothing to help you on these platforms. Social media can easily distract even the most focused user. Making users search for you on these platforms almost guarantees they will… SQUIRREL. And you lost them. The solution is deceptively simple.

Put your social media addresses on your material!

SF-Worldbuilders-BCThis sounds rather ridiculous, but look out into the advertising world. In print, in outdoor, and even on the web, see how many floating social media icons you find. Imagine if you had a snippet of text saying where on social media your business or organization can be found; your community of fans and followers won’t be distracted away from your social media connection. This can be a great time to get creative.

Some ideas on how to show your social media connections:

  • List the full URL of your social media landing page, e.g.
  • Show the social media icons with the user name/business name
  • Create a separate “social card” with key user names, hashtags, and URLs
  • Packaging space is limited, but these connections are worth their weight in gold—make room
  • Cross promote! Be sure all your other platforms are shared and that easy links can be found all over—even in real life

SF-BCDon’t leave those icons floating out there alone. Tell users exactly where to go to connect with you on social media. What can you do to keep your Likes, Followers, and Fans on social media growing? Drop Signalfire a line, we’ll help you get started, get coordinated, and get results.

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