8 Key Considerations When Building a Business Website

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So, you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade your business website, but where do you start? Constructing a new website requires thoughtful planning. Here’s a simplified guide to the important questions you need to address for a successful website revamp. Grab a notebook or create a file to keep track of your responses.

1. Understand your current website

Before you start the revamp process, get to know your existing website inside and out.

  • Who are you targeting with your website?
  • How are visitors finding you online – through search engines, links from other sites, or online ads?
  • What are the most visited pages on your site?
  • How often do you update your website?
  • What action do you want visitors to take on your site (call, email, buy something)?
  • Does your website effectively communicate your business story?

2. Define your future website

Don’t just build a website for today, plan for your future needs too. Here are some questions to consider:

  • How will you measure the success of your website – increased traffic, improved search rankings, more online sales, or a boost in new leads?
  • How do you plan to use your website – to share blogs, promote events, or discuss business news?
  • Who will be in charge of updating the website?

3. Identify your website’s content

Just like building a house, a website needs raw materials, such as text, images, and videos.

  • Have you evaluated your current website content? Is it outdated?
  • Have your photos or videos been updated recently?
  • Are you using social media? If so, are your updates synchronized with your website?
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Building a website often fits with a larger marketing plan. Click to see how building a website allowed this company to succeed.

4. Select the tools for your website

To manage your website effectively, you need the right tools.

  • Have you considered a content management system (CMS) for easy website updates?
  • Do you already use Google Analytics or other website reporting platforms?
  • Would social sharing buttons be useful for your site?
  • Do you use an email marketing platform and need an email signup area on your site?

5. Know your website’s competition

Knowing your competitors can give you an advantage.

  • Have you identified your online competitors and analyzed their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Do you keep track of your competitors’ newsletters, social media accounts, or websites?

6. Define what makes your business unique

Highlight what sets your business apart from the competition.

  • Why do customers choose your business?
  • Why do they come back?
  • What are the unique differences between you and your competitors?

7. Understand what your customers want

Your customers’ feedback is critical for improving your website.

  • Have you asked your best customers about the most important elements on your website?
  • Do you ask new customers how they found you?
  • What features or content are they missing? A blog? Events calendar? Online catalog?

8. Budget Considerations

Budget plays a significant role in website projects, and it’s important to plan accordingly. Here are some rough estimates:

  • Entry-level CMS-powered website with a blog and email form(s): $6k – $10k
  • Custom designed CMS-powered website with additional features: $12k – $25k+
  • e-Commerce platform with CMS and content marketing features: $15k+

Remember, these are ballpark figures and additional costs for content writing, photography, and videos will apply.

Take Action

Merely changing the design of your website is not enough. You need to plan and strategize carefully. Investing time and effort in understanding your business, customers, and competition will result in a well-designed website that delivers returns.

Don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Companies like Signalfire can assist in developing a needs analysis for your business. Reach out to us and learn how we’ve helped businesses like yours create successful websites.