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5 Website Content Tips You Can Do in 2020

2020 is here. For many of you, you’re at a crossroads. Budgets might be set, but the tactics of implementing your strategy may be coming together. Signalfire has assembled a group of 20 helpful ideas to make marketing more effective in 2020.

We’ve broken the 20 tips down into four parts:

  • Social Media
  • Website Content (blogs, news, etc.)
  • Website Optimization
  • Digital Marketing

Each one of the tips are ideas you can implement. These ideas are perfect your business’ marketing team looking to improve results. If you have questions about putting these ideas into use, connect with one of Signalfire’s marketing Guides and Outfitters.

Part 3: 5 Website Content Tips You Can Do in 2020

Social media, email newsletters, pay-per-click search advertising, and all of the digital strategies you can think of have one thing in common. They’re marketing vehicles. In order to make those vehicles perform, you need fuel. Your website’s content is the fuel to power all of your marketing vehicles.

Website content fueling your marketing can come in several forms. Web content can include industry or geographic specific landing pages, insightful case studies, and educational blog posts. The right content can get used across all your marketing vehicles.

1. Create a Content Plan and Make Sure You Stick To It

Successful businesses using content to develop leads and deliver sales don’t sit at their keyboards pondering “what should I write about?” They have developed a plan. It’s a plan you can create and implement yourself.

Every business has milestones or waypoints through the year. A customer’s spring trade show, customers with fiscal budgets, planting season, or even back-to-school are examples of major points during the year. Of course, your business will have specific “seasons.”

Developing and utilizing targeted content ahead of those timelines allows you to fuel your web content, your social media, and the rest of your marketing. How does it work?

  1. Print out a full year calendar and spread it out on your conference room table
  2. Mark your critical milestones or dates
  3. Highlight your promotional timeline (six weeks, ten weeks, etc.) when you’ll be using social, email, or other marketing channels to feature your event(s)
  4. Plotting your promotional timeline easily maps deadlines for your content creation
  5. Work backwards to outline when you need to start writing, create graphics, and schedule posts

WAIT! You are now realizing a lot of these begin overlapping one another. This is why you might be writing next spring’s pre-trade show website content right now. You are also realizing that your social media schedule is filling up fast.

A couple hours of planning and preparation will save you insurmountable hours of rushing and panicked marketing efforts later.

2. Use Basic Keyword Research Tools

Just as effective content writers aren’t sitting at the keyboard pondering their next blog post, successful businesses aren’t leaving headlines and titles to chance. Let’s say you own an auto parts store. You’ve mapped out some great website content, but how do you know what people are actually putting into a Google search?

Welcome to keyword research.

Doing some basic keyword research is your secret weapon in making a good piece of website content a great piece of website content. Your auto parts store? You’ve just written a great article about sourcing vintage car parts.

By doing some basic keyword research, you see that car parts have a monthly search volume of nearly 370,000 searches. Looking into some suggestions, you check the search volume for auto parts. Monthly search volume: 1 million. Which term do you think will work best?

Here are a couple free keyword research tools:

3. Update Your Top Performing Blog Posts

No one enjoys reinventing the wheel. Do you have an existing blog post or piece of web content that is pulling in great traffic? If it is more than a year old, you’re ready for an update.

Instead of rewriting it, you can make updates. A solid update will be more than just changing a couple words. Use your insight and add what has changed in the previous year. Here are some ideas of what to add:

  • Obviously, more content—a couple paragraphs can make a difference
  • Add images that matter (hint: don’t just add a couple stock photos)
  • Re-research your title and header phrases’ keywords
  • Check the technical stuff like broken links, old dates, and image alt tags

Just a little bit of work can make a big impact on content already loved by Google.

4. Go Long. Go Deep. Create Long Form Content

According to several resources (Google, Medium, etc.), the ideal blog length for impactful search engine performance is about 1,800 to 2,000 words. Writing that much content might be more than you want to take on, but here are some ideas.

  • Look at one of your recent big projects and write a case study that covers the challenge, your process, and how you delivered a successful outcome
  • Combine several smaller blog topics into a broader white paper or e-book
  • Interview one of your team members about answering the most common questions about your products or process
  • Create an infographic about your customer journey and include critical considerations to make the process easier

5. Mix Up Your Mediums with Videos or Podcasts

You can have too much of a good thing. If you have been hammering out great written content, perhaps it is time to change it up. If you’re holding a smartphone, you’ve already got both a sound and video studio at your disposal.

How do you decide which topics you should cover?

  • Select blog posts or pages that have the most traffic on your website
  • Make a list of the most common questions your prospects ask and answer them one by one
  • Show what happens behind the scenes
  • Focus on your customers’ pain points and how you help

How Can You Get It All Done?

This is a lot to accomplish! It can be scary to get started. The good news is that there are four sections to our list. One for each quarter of 2020. You can do it! You can use this article as a map or schedule to attack each of these items in turn.

If you need help, you’ve got a team of marketing Guides & Outfitters that will paddle in to the rescue. All you need to do is give us a shout.

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