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5 Ways To Make Your Content Awesome

Five Ways To Make Your Content Awesome

Content is what powers marketing. Imagine that all of your marketing tools are vehicles. Search engines, social media, email marketing, blogs, traditional media, advertising, and everything else out there are vehicles driving traffic to your website. To make each of those vehicles run, they need fuel. Content is fuel. The better the fuel, the better your marketing vehicles run. Well tuned and fully fueled marketing vehicles mean success for your business or organization.

Here are five quick rules f0r taking your online content from ho-hum to search engine magnets.

Make Content Original

Either write it yourself or have someone write it for you, but come up with original content for your efforts. Customers and donors want your insight on things. Give it to them. Yes, curated content from other sources helps with social media, but your community wants to hear from you.

Make Content Demand Attention

Great headlines and subheadings are crucial. Headlines should be brief, scream urgency, personally apply to your community, and show expertise. Don’t be surprised if the headline or subject line (if an email) takes more time to develop than the article itself!

Make Content Useful

Inside tips, quick fixes, or helpful shortcuts might sound like giving up the “secret sauce” for your business, but in reality it can mean your interest community values you even more. Everything from frequently asked questions, sneak peeks on something new, or sharing repair tips can be more rewarding to sales than hiding your knowledge.

Make Content Visual

Words. A picture can be worth a thousand words. A video can be worth even more. Help support your written content with great visuals, including charts/graphs, infographics, photos, or even a quick cell phone video. When potential customers are skimming through, great visuals trigger them to read more. Worried about someone “stealing” the image or video? Just make sure you’ve got your logo or name in the image and then sharing means advertising.

Make Content Shareable

Encourage your readers to share your content on email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or whatever is coming next. Plugins and code snippets abound to make the social media sharing icons available on all of your critical content pages. Be sure to share your content in email newsletters and other outreach platforms, too.

Bottom line—content powers your marketing. Develop awesome content once and you can use it over and over again—printed marketing collateral, social media, even your email newsletters. Making awesome content that fits these five categories will make every aspect of your marketing materials even more relevant and valuable.