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10 Things to Know Before Building a Great Website (Updated)

10 Things to Know (+1 to Remember When You’re Done)

We’ve revisited and updated these important tips from an earlier blog post.

1.) Websites Are Born

Successful websites are born. Websites need care, attention, and a steady diet of content to make it on the web. We strongly advise against building a website and just letting it sit.

2.) Build Your Website Right, The First Time

No half-baked plans or development shortcuts with Signalfire. It might take us a bit longer and our budget might be a bit higher, but we build websites for the long haul.

3.) The Cost to Develop A Website Is More Than Programming

Developing a website is more than programming costs. There are four main segments in planning your website budget. Domain name, hosting, development, and maintenance. Read about them here.

4.) Content is Everything

Great website content powers successful websites. In many instances, you are responsible for writing the content. If you need assistance writing content, we can help. While you know your business best our writers can sit with you to create fantastic written content. Protip: Don’t forget to do keyword research!

5.) The Power of Photography

Impactful websites also need stunning photography. If you don’t have photography, we can recommend some great photographers. Stock photos will work in a pinch. Don’t just pull images from Google Image Search. You will get a lovely cease and desist letter from the image owner or a bill from the photographer. Yes, they win in court. We’ve got some great tips here.

6.) SEO Is Not a One-Time Thing

Being successful with search engines is a priority for every website owner. Good search performance takes time, a lot of content, and keeping your website up to date. Nothing happens overnight.

7.) Live and Die By Metrics

Learn to love data. Tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console will give you in-depth insight into the customers coming to your website. This is where the real search engine performance happens.

8.) Your Computer Versus My Computer

No two web browsers are alike which means your website will display slightly differently across different browsers and operating systems. From the wide variety of devices to the even wider variety of user options, understanding that few users will see the website exactly the same way is important.

9.) Murphy’s Law

When you have a website, stuff happens. Hosting will go down. Your website might get hacked. You will lose your password. Please stay calm. It will happen to everyone at some point. Signalfire can help address stuff when it happens.

10.) Even Websites Have a Shelf Life

A website will be ready for a redesign in about two (2) to three (3) years. In about that much time, enough will have changes for mobile devices, browsers, and user behavior that a redesign will make sense. Plan for it by making a list of websites you like and websites you don’t. Assemble a list of features and functions that might become crucial to your marketing efforts. Most importantly — never stop updating your website.

Don’t Forget the Maintenance

After everything is said and done, when you are casually scrolling through your beautiful Signalfire-designed website, don’t forget this important element: website maintenance. Read how important maintenance can be.

Your website is not too different than your vehicle. New or not, you still need to change the oil, rotate the tires, and check the alignment. Your website will still need software updates, plug-in updates, and revisions to the technical SEO.

By partnering with Signalfire on a regular maintenance plan will ensure your website stays secure, stays functioning, and stays in good standing with Google.

You Should Bring Signalfire In

Want us to build your website? We’d love the opportunity to meet and share some recommendations. Otherwise, request a quote from Signalfire.