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Don’t pretend to know what you don’t know. We see value in continuing our consistent operating rhythm with a third-party marketing agency like Signalfire. Marketing is a variable cost, so working with an outside vendor allows us the flexibility to ramp up or scale back our efforts without adding or subtracting personnel. – Swiss-Tech President & CEO, Frank Meiland


You need more than the web developer working from their home and a freelance graphic designer who jumps in on nights and weekends. A college student handles the social media during the summer, but when they leave in mid-August, your social presence goes silent. You’re juggling everything and nothing goes together.

Imagine if you had an entire team of manufacturing marketing experts getting it done. Signalfire’s team can create the strategy, collaborate with your business, and deliver a consistent marketing presence. Imagine having your trade show collateral designed and printed on time, SEO-researched blogs written, website kept up to date, dominating Google with pay-per-click (PPC) search ads, and a steady flow of targeted social media posts complete with budgeted promotion. Just think if you could pick up the phone or drop an email to a single person and IT GETS DONE.

It all happens on time, according to a schedule, and on budget.

Imagine if that budget was less than hiring a marketing person?

B2B Marketing Examples

Swiss-Tech – Swiss-style machining provider for aerospace and medical device industries – Signalfire case study

Wisconsin Screen Process – Racine-based screen printer and fleet vehicle graphics (blogging, LinkedIn, and email marketing)

American Tank Heads – Stainless steel tank ends for sanitary trailers and tanks (logo design and website)

CryoCarb – Commercial dry ice production for industrial, food service, and logistic applications (logo design and website)

Stuart W. Johnson & Co., Inc. – Distributor of equipment, services, and supplies to food processing facilities, breweries, and pharmaceutical companies (general marketing)

Great Lakes Power Vac – Midwest industrial cleaning and environmental service provider (blogging, LinkedIn, and email marketing)

Let’s Get Started

What if your B2B marketing efforts were handled by a team of experts. Imagine your marketing strategy planned out an executed. No more juggling freelancers. No more disjointed designs and messages.

Signalfire will help. From developing a website to creating a complete digital marketing strategy, it starts with a conversation. Let’s set it up!

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