updating your holiday hours

Website and Social Media Checklist for the Holidays

How ready are your social media accounts, Google listings, and website for the holiday season? November is here and the holidays are coming faster than we’d like. There are a handful of things you can do to make sure you’re not frustrating your customers through the busy season …

manufacturing marketing improves with an agency

Why Should a Manufacturer Hire an Agency for Marketing?

Many manufacturers are stuck at a crossroad. Do you hire an in-house marketing person? Or contract an agency to develop and implement a strategy?

This addresses that question—Rand Fishkin’s recent article, “Why You Should Hire Agencies & Consultants (for everything you can)” is probably one of the most important articles manufacturing …

4 Ideas on Promoting with TRAVEL Grant Funding

4 Ideas on Promoting with TRAVEL Grant Funding

Congratulations! Thanks to the TRAVEL Grant, you have some spendin’ cash to show how great your community is. You received critical funding to keep your community organizations going. Signalfire is here to help you get the most out of your TRAVEL grant for your …

7 Graphic Design Rules for Non-Graphic Designers

7 Graphic Design Rules for Non-Graphic Designers

As a Social Media Specialist I spend a lot of time looking at and finding content for our brand as well as all of our clients. So when I stumbled on an article last week titled “10 rules for easy graphic designing” I instantly opened the article and started …

to tiktok or not tiktok

To TikTok or Not to TikTok… That is the Question!

Ok so if you’re wondering whether or not your business should be on TikTok…you’re not alone. With all of the confusion surrounding the short-form video app – Will it be banned? Will it still be available in the app store? Is Walmart buying it? – smaller brands and businesses don’t know what to think of the …

B2B Sales Increase When People Buy From People

B2B Sales Increase When People Buy From People

Your company has been around for years. You have a set of loyal customers that know what you offer. They call your office to conduct some kind of actual business, but your employee must first talk about the soccer match from over the weekend, how the house project they are working on is going, and how the kids are handling wearing a mask all day at school …

7 Questions To Ask About A Business Website

You’ve decided you’ve got to “do something” about your website. Now what? Designing or developing a new website should not be started without some serious examination. We recommend spending some time assessing your own online efforts, talking with your best as well as your newest customers, and investigating the online efforts of your competition.

Mythbusting Marketing: is print dead

Mythbusting Marketing: Is Print Really Dead?

Is print dead? The truth is, it depends. Of course, “it depends” seems like a silly answer, but this is because “print” is too broad a term.

When you say print, you could mean print advertising, such as magazines or news print, direct mail pieces, or several other forms of targeted delivery …

signalfire marketing assessment and plan

What is a Business MAP?

Does your website and social media just not deliver the punch you’d expect? You’ve tried letting an “internal” person run it, but marketing gets put on the back burner because customer work comes first.

We get it. Attempting to plan, write, and manage the website and social media is a huge undertaking. Hiring an in-house resource just isn’t in the cards—too much overhead …

Custom Boxes: for product samples or literature

Replacing In-Person Experiences with Custom Packaging

Did you know the iPhone box was intentionally designed to open “slowly with friction” to cause excitement and add a higher perceived value of what to expect inside?

Back in the day, you could impress a prospect at the industry trade show with a demonstration or an explanation of your capabilities. Today is different. For …