Signalfire is an award winning creative digital agency offering a full range of services from branding and web development to social media management and content marketing. Serving small and medium sized businesses as well as non-profit organizations, we provide a comprehensive level of innovative creative services specifically tailored for each client.

More Than Building Websites

We understand that your business or organization website is just one piece to a much larger puzzle. How do email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, blogging, and social media fit into the equation? Signalfire develops the complete strategy associated with your brand from selecting the right domain name through maintaining an annual content calendar. By providing as much support as your business or non-profit organization requires, Signalfire can handle the planning and execution of a successful marketing plan.

Your “There When You Need Us, Big Idea Generating, Problem Solving” People

Signalfire wants to empower your business or non-profit organization to be great digital storytellers. While we can help equip you with the right tools from websites to email blasts, we also excel at coming up with the “big ideas” to deliver that story to the right customers. We thrive on developing innovative, creative campaign strategies that highlight the differentiators and shine a bright light onto the value your business or organization brings.

Aren’t Digital Agencies Like Signalfire Just Another Ad Agency?

For decades advertising agencies have succeeded by managing the right mass media ad purchases and massive budgets to deliver a one way, un-measurable message through a handful of mediums. Called digital agencies, Internet agencies, or Hybrid agencies, businesses such as Signalfire don’t work with massive media budgets and shooting blind.

We understand the web and the tools needed to make the web work for your business or organization. While traditional advertising agencies will make money off massive ad buys and PR, digital agencies such as Signalfire bill for definable creative and technical deliverables—and show you how to measure their success.

Are You Ready for Signalfire?

Signalfire passionately works with businesses and non-profit organizations to make a difference. We get deeply involved with our clients—we want to know the industry gossip, the silly jargon (ask Stuart Tank about piss-pots, honey wagons, and Christmas trees), and what makes you different. We ask a lot of questions and want more than just the short answer—we ask why.

We style ourselves as the “internal marketing department” that just happens to be in another building. Our clients call and say, “we need an ad!”, “we’ve got to get this news release out on social media and email our customers ASAP!”, or “can we get 150 red Solo cups with a drunk duck on them?” We’re there to make “it” happen. Whatever shape “it” takes.

To start working with Signalfire, simply drop us a line or give us a call at (262) 725-4500.

Where Did Signalfire Get It’s Name?


One of the most common questions asked by our clients is, “Where does the name Signalfire come from?”

In addition to his passion for branding and marketing, Signalfire’s President, Matthew Olson is a history geek. The Roman occupation of Britain has always fascinated him—especially Hadrian’s Wall. In 122 AD, the Romans built a wall across the entire island of Britain running east to west to help guard against the native population’s uprisings.

The Romans built fortlets, known as milecastles, along the Wall at intervals of one Roman mile. Between each milecastle, and spaced one third of a Roman mile apart, were a series of turrets. The plan was to create a point of light where all the milefortlets and turrets were located, with an additional point of light between each of them.

These forts garrisoned irregular troops, and when attacks from native Britons would come, fires would be lit at each turret, passing the alarm to the other forts. These signal fires would pass this simple, but powerful message across the entire northern frontier of the Roman Empire in shockingly fast time.

The logo and name Signalfire symbolizes these fires. Our mission is to burn with passion, communicate your message, and be a guide for brands to succeed.

To learn more about Hadrian’s Wall or to plan a visit, we recommend Hadrian’s Wall Country.