DIY Marketing Success in 2020

Checklist of 20 steps you can do in 2020 to make your marketing rock

tips and strategies for business marketing

How did your lead generation do during quarantine?

Did your website sit dormant and tumble further behind the competition on Google?

Don’t mislead yourself that you can ride it out. 2020 has taught us that doing nothing with your marketing just makes it worse.

Marketing is not easy, but we’re making it easier. Signalfire’s team of Marketing Guides & Outfitters are sharing 20 actionable tips that will have a positive impact on your social media, your website performance, and even your rankings in search engines.

Most of these tips and strategies will take 30 minutes or less to implement!

Who Must Download This Book?

The 20 Marketing Strategies for Success in 2020 will be critical for your businesses or organizations that:

  • Handle marketing in-house with one or multiple dedicated team members
  • Have social media communities that need to deepen or expand
  • Have a website powered by a content management system (CMS) like WordPress
  • Understand the need for thoughtful, regularly delivered content


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